Dr. Engela Young has been practicing as an Occupational Therapist for 33 years. Frustrated by the lack of success achieved by her patients, she investigated the use of horses in her therapy. SATHRA (South African Therapeutic Horse Riding Association) was established 13 years ago and immediately her success rate improved. However, she was still unsatisfied with her results especially regarding children. She then identified the need for special diets for the children. She then established an accommodation facility where the children’s diets could be controlled and monitored.

Dr. Young does not agree with the present education system so she started her own school where many different learning techniques are applied and she ensures that the learners, who visit the centre for up to 12 weeks for therapy, will not lag behind their peers in the main stream school system.

Recently Dr. Young realised that she should not only cater for the wellbeing of patients in the field of the Occupational Therapist but that for people to achieve their full potential she needed to intervene in their health and lifestyles as well as address their outer beauty.

Wellness Concept

Wellness Concept

Jonathan's Wellness Centre will focus on health and the prevention of diseases. A healthy body houses a healthy soul. However, a healthy individual also needs to cater for their outer beauty resulting in the creation of the beauty section of the Jonathan's Wellness Centre.

It is in this quest that an accurate diagnoses needs to be made to enable us to apply a problem specific treatment to the patient/client. Based on the results the centre will prescribe a unique and specific health plan for each individual.

This specific treatment will take place through the use of technologically advanced systems combined with natural non-invasive alternative healing methods like:

• Detoxification of specific organs.
• Iridology and Schlerology. 
• Reflexology. 
• Bio-chemical evaluation of chemical compounds in the brain to ensure optimal brain functions. 
• Aromatherapy. 
• Natural herbs.

Inner beauty and outer beauty go hand in hand. It doesn't help a person feels healthy but not beautiful at the same time. The following beauty treatments will be offered: 
• Facials (Nu Skin – Galvanic).
• Manicure.
• Pedicure. 
• Waxes.
• Massages.

Technologically advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment need to be procured and alterations need to be made to the existing facility to accommodate the Wellness Centre. A Total of R 410,000.00 is needed to acquire the systems and do the necessary building alterations to start the Jonathan's Wellness Centre as part of the Jonathan Livingston Seagull Centre.

In conclusion

The whole concept of a healthy body housing a healthy mind creates a tranquil environment that promotes the attainment of inner peace. This enables a much better connection with one’s spirituality that is quite vast, unique, and different. Due to the intricate and technical nature of this concept it can only effectively be explained and alluded to in a personal presentation by the author. This concept should further be developed to include the fourth dimension with which man should live in harmony with his physical and natural environment.