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Dr. Young qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1976 and started her private practice with a full multi-disciplinary team with the following disciplines under one roof. She always felt there was a missing link, withholding her from optimum success with her patients and therefore believed a full multi-disciplinary approach to be vital..




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Engela Young started SATHRA in 1996 when she was frustrated that, despite working with a full multi-disciplinary team, she still experienced a lack of success in some of her patients until she investigated the use of horses in her therapy. Immediately her success rate improved.


The School for Special Needs has a small class on the premises. The objective of the school is to withdraw a learner with problems from the main stream schooling for up to six months and expose the learner to high impact therapy. Once the learner has overcome the problems, he/she will be filtered back into the main stream schooling system.


The approach of an occupational therapist: When the occupational therapist looks at learning, it is very important to remember that there is certain development that must precede the learning process. It is also important to remember that “learning is a function of the brain”. The occupational therapist is of the opinion that a child must be encouraged and assisted to develop the brain’s capability to learn things, not merely to learn certain skills or competencies, for example to fit visual stimuli, remember sounds in the correct order or to draw a line from one point to another..

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