The School for Special Needs has a small class on the premises. The objective of the school is to withdraw a learner with problems from the main stream schooling for up to six months and expose the learner to high impact therapy. Once the learner has overcome the problems, he/she will be filtered back into the main stream schooling system.

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Therapy is done in the afternoon and evening through structured therapy: music, light, sound, and ozone therapies are used with the focus on a special diet. Living in the housing component is preferable, however it is not necessary.

Keys to Success

1. Access to a proven therapeutic processes (Dr. Young has 33 years experience).
2. Highly qualified and motivated multi-disciplinary therapeutic staff. 
3. Access to proper treatment facilities. 
4. A large patient base for testimonials. 
5. A support system and network (Alternative medicines and therapies). 
6. Proper professional management.